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Steps to Choosing an EHR - excerpt from a Vendor Site

DWillcutts - 09/10/2010

We see many web sites and articles from software vendors and consultants.  The quality can be pretty varied but we often see some pretty good stuff.  We ran across this list of “12 (Relatively) Easy Steps to Choosing an EHR or EMR” and thought we should highlight it.  The advice is pretty simple and straight forward.  A practice can use this as a good starting point to think through the issues, although we think it also provides a good example of why many practices need a strong independent consultant that can help guide them through the process.

Every physician practice will have its own unique issues and challenges with implementing an EHR.  You must consider the dynamics of your staff, your work flows, meaningful use criteria and much more.  You will likely maximize your invested time by utilizing a unbiased consultant who knows the right questions to ask and will spend the time to help guide your through. (disclaimer... we have no idea if this EHR solution is effective, we just liked the straight forward list as a starting point)

Here is a quote from number 3 and 4 of their list (see the full list):

“3) Based on the above what are the most important things you need from your EHR and vendor? Some items to consider:

  • Quick charting
  • Coding tools/easy to code
  • Patient Education
  • CCHIT certification
  • Interfaces with specific systems (hospital, lab, practice management, equipment)
  • Ease of use/Easy to learn
  • Ability to use remotely - from home, hospital, etc.
  • Ability to add new users (additional providers and staff)
  • Ability to cancel or transfer the EHR contract
  • Customer Support - responsiveness and availability
  • Interaction with other providers - referrals
  • Patient communication
  • Chart organization
  • Health maintenance tracking/follow-up tracking
  • Infrastructure and Hosting
  • Use of Specific Technology - such as Macs

4) Prioritize the above from highest to lowest. If more than 10 criteria are on your list remove those over #8.”

Is this relevant? Did you check out the full list?  Do you think this is better done internally?  We’d like to know.



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Created by Frenchy in 10/10/2011 8:52:10 AM
This was so hleufpl and easy! Do you have any articles on rehab?

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Steps to Choosing an EHR - excerpt from a Vendor Site


We see many web sites and articles from software vendors and consultants. The quality can be pretty varied but we often see ...

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