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By:ReadyConsultant - - 07/07/2010

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What's Next for ONC's Agenda with EHR's, Certification and more?
By:DWillcutts - - 01/21/2010

Information Week's recent interview with ONC's Dr. David Blumenthal provided some interesting insights into what is next and who is out there to help providers realize these goals. Where are the meaningful use guidelines? What about the certification process and who will be certifying? And is there... Read More..

NHIN Re-thought? ONC's Dr. David Blumenthal is re-envisioning
By:DWillcutts - - 01/21/2010

The six year effort by the government to create a National Health Information Network through efforts such as RHIOs is getting a fresh look. Is there practicality coming out of Washington? Or is this another twist in the road to a far off dream? At first glance, having a focus on smaller providers'... Read More..

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OASIS C knocking: Are you geared up for it?

ReadyConsultant - Angela Martin - 12/31/2009

All those home health agencies wishing for a Christmas miracle of delayed OASIS C implementation are in for some disappointment as the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) is going ahead with the January 1 implementation of OASIS C.

As such, home health agency clinicians will face a number of OASIS C hurdles, which may not be helped by the guidance issued by CMS.

Author: Angela Martin

According to a CMS official, the agency will post some changes to the OASIS C manual guidance. But there’s no change whatsoever to the instrument data set itself. Already, CMS has already issued a corrected form of its OASIS C grouper.

You may be at an advantageous position if you’ve stalled your OASIS C education until the last minute as you stand to benefit from a number of free resources.

Other home health agency issues doing the rounds:

It’s not just the OASIS C changes that you need to keep up with. You can soon look forward to a change to how you login to the OASIS data collection system.

In a forum handout, the agency says that to comply with CMS security regulations, it is changing the way agencies log in to the OASIS Submission System and CASPER Reporting. This will call for agency users to register for a named individual user account ID. According to a contractor official on the call, registration will be staggered on a state-by-state basis. You will be prompted at the usual login page to enter your information when it’s your turn. Then you will get a new login and password that you can use immediately to submit OASIS data.

Registration will start in late February

About the Author:

Provides free weekly newswire of homecare hospice news in home healthcare and offers learning opertunaty about OASIS C that keeps connected to the latest developments in health-oriented services.

Article Source: - OASIS C knocking: Are you geared up for it?



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