Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Who we are

The Ready Consultant team brings extensive experience in health care services covering a wide range of both purchasing and providing consulting services. Informed by this experience we believe a significant gap exists for organizations to identify appropriate consulting talent, efficiently engage that talent and effectively manage the engagement.

Ready Consultant was founded to meet this need and drive engagement success. At a time of dramatically increasing regulatory requirements, health care reform and other mandates it is clear that organizations must draw on diverse talent to meet these challenges.


Connecting Buyers to the right Consultants

Ready Consultant does not provide direct consulting services but rather works to bring consultants and buyers together to help healthcare organizations identify the best resources for their most important priorities.

Consulting services play an important role in helping the healthcare community prepare, comply and excel in a challenging environment.  However, the processes of engaging these specialized skill sets is often difficult and mis-steps can risk the optimal outcome of a project.  The cost of failed or even sub-optimal projects goes far beyond the lost time and fees particularly when tackling the new HIPAA breach notification or RAC audits. 

Focusing on Project Success

Project success, always a challenge, faces an ever increasing level of complexity and volume of issues.  Ready Consultant aims to improve project success through better access to talent (subject matter experts) and consistent use of collaborative project management tools.

Ready Consultant, LLC, founded in 2009, is a privately held company based in Pasadena, CA.

Learn more about us on our Ready Consultant company page.



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